Wednesday, 9 January 2013

All so peaceful until...

Based on diary extract: 20/02/11

I ended my last post with the profound words of Bjork: It's oh so quiet. It's oh so still... And you knew what was coming didn't you? It's oh so peaceful until... Albie decided to scream all night long (I'm not sure Bjork would've had as big a hit with those lyrics... though it might work for Lionel Richie). After Neil had kindly offered to do the night feed with some expressed milk, it turns out Albie kept him awake all night. I, on the other hand, slept 'like a baby' (who on earth thought that was a good comparison of sleeping well?!), all because my body has never needed anything as much as a good night's sleep. Ever. I woke up to find Neil partially asleep in the spare room with a squirming infant on his chest and I switched back into mother hen mode. cluck cluck.
And this is the thing about parenthood (for me anyway): you are continually switching from cloud nine to rock bottom and, because you have so little sleep, anything before the last 24hours is a total blur. So a bad day is a really bad day because you are convinced that every day is the same and you feel you can't cope with tomorrow. On the other hand, a good day is a really good day and you react in disbelief when anyone says anything negative about having children, saying things like 'but when they fall asleep on you it's the cutest thing', and all sorts of other things that might sound like you're saying 'you're a failure because you're not enjoying this' to the mother who is having a hard day. Then a bad day comes around again and another of your mummy friends skips into your house, swinging her baby around in delight and you want to launch your own baby right at her. Well, not really, but almost... Come on, all you mother's have been there right? Unless you're one of those mothers with an angel baby, (grrrrrrr. Not that I'm bitter or anything ;)). It's all about perspective and you have to console yourself that it won't always be this hard (or humble yourself that it won't always be easy), and sometimes that means giving yourself a break, as well as everyone else. I have learnt to restrain myself and express my opinions in this blog so as not to aggravate any other mothers who are all doing their own thing in their own way. And too bloomin' right. Tomorrow is a new day...


  1. Your so right when you talk about everything being magnified. And when lack of sleep kicks in sometimes I just wanna cry :) but as you say you get a cuddle or smile and everything seems amazing!

    I've just started my blog about looking after my two children. Am trying to connect with other bloggers for comments , tips etc (I literally know nothing about blogging!)

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for commenting, like your blog! It's nice to hear it from a Dad's perspective!! Sounds like you've got your hands full!
      I literally just write for the fun of it and to express myself (I find it's the only thing that keeps me sane after watching 2 hours of cbeebies ;)). So I haven't really done much to publicise yet. I have joined the bloggers network on and there are plenty more. It seems there is definitely a market for more Dad writers! Get on twitter too! :)
      Good luck!