Tuesday 23 April 2013

You're tired?!

This is my exact diary extract on: sun 6/3/11 (Albie 9 wks old).

I was in so much pain feeding him today - he was so aggressive and restless and I'm actually finding it pretty hard not to get angry with him, as though he should know what I've been through for him. I cried a lot today; I've just had enough and I want to pack it all in and run away.
Despite this, I managed to get out the house. Neil was supposed to come too but he was too tired. Well, you can imagine my response, "YOU'RE TIRED??!" That went down well. It's so much harder to take a baby out of the house on your own but I needed to do it - I have to force myself to otherwise I'll sink into a pit of depression; which in physical terms resembles one of stinky nappies and washing. I need to see people to make me feel like I'm still alive, that I'm more than a dairy cow or a cleaner. It's worth going out even if it's ten times the effort.
I gave Albie a feed before I set off which would render most babies content for a while. Not Albie. True to form, as soon as I arrived at my destination his beady little eyes opened, sussed the place out and then kicked off, big time. I tried everything but nothing settled him so I left my friends after 30 minutes and drove home with him screaming the whole way.


  1. I not sure why you're posting this two years later (maybe because you can laugh about it now?) but I came across this when I was trying to sent out a youtube to you guys over there and in that spooky way it has, Google decided that out of the other billions in the world, you were one of the five that should be added to my circles. But anyway great to read this, as all the other stuff I've read about Albie is about what a cherub he is and it's great to know he's human :).. Reminds me of Ben ...... These days Ben is so not a bother I wonder if he still lives with us. Does this thing automatically know who I am or what?

  2. Ha ha! I think it google knows more than we think ;) Hope you enjoyed the read - I write it looking back because I found my diary entries quite funny so I thought I'd write them up! I have a long way to go!! I think I can laugh about it a lot more now! :) xx