Sunday, 11 November 2012

Parental Catchphrase

People say silly things to you once you have children. It's like parental Catchphrase. You get random old ladies approaching you in the street telling you they 'enjoyed every minute' of raising their children. They seem to time these comments at moments such as your baby screaming for no fathomable reason, or your baby puking all over your face. You just have to smile sweetly, as you wipe the vomit from your earlobe with a half-used baby wipe, and simply put such comments down to senile dementia.

Another classic parental catchphrase is: 'I bet you wonder what you did before your baby came along don't you?' Wrong. No amount of sleepless nights would make me forget the things I did before I had Albie. For starters, I didn't used to get out of bed on a Saturday until gone 10am! That memory is a tough one to forget at five o'clock in the morning, believe me (although I do frequently find I am still in my pyjamas at three in the afternoon if that counts).

Despite all this, I am determined to have at least some of the life I had before. I am still the same person in here somewhere. Just because I have a child doesn't mean I've lost all humour, all desire for hobbies and a social life, or all taste in fashion (although admittedly there are a limited number of materials that can take excessive dousing in milk and vomit). My mother told me my diary would go in the bin when I had a baby; well now I've just bought another and planned my first night out. In anti natal classes the midwife told us we may as well throw away our nail polish; well now my nails are in alternate pink and orange (okay, so I had to sacrifice a meal to do so but stubbornness wills out). And the next time anyone approaches me and asks me if I'm enjoying every minute, I shall point to my screaming, red-faced baby and say in my best Roy Walker Irish accent 'Say what you see'.

(Based on diary extract from 11/02/2011) 


  1. I love it Lisa! :) and very true xx old lady comments to myself have been kyle having a meltdown (he is on the autistic spectrum) in the post office and a very helpful lady saying "just tell him!" tell him what? "kyle please stop screaming because you have been over stimulated by the sensory madness of the post office and you dont know how else to respond to your fear because you are only 3", "kyle i know that you are past all reasoning now but if i let go of your hand to talk to you please dont run away?" if i bent down to attempt such a reprimand anyhow would end up head butted or bitten on nose? maybe not such a good plan lol as his mum i have learned to ride these things out and you should have seen her face when he calmed down and i picked him up and we had a cuddle, his feelings and his reactions to them had obviously scared him and she thought he didnt need a cuddle? i think its made me think how i react to screaming kids in supermarkets anyway x

  2. Ah Emma that must be so tough. People have really no clue sometimes and think they now your child better than you do yourself. It takes a lot of grace to smile and walk away, knowing that you are a capable mother who knows the best for her own child. Well done Emma, you are an amazing mum. xx